For more than thirty years, Architect Claude Yacoub has explored several domains of competence. This website illustrates the mark he’s left on Architecture projects, design and art; photographs, videos and other creations. His experience in several fields of academia, his scientific and “civic”publications and his various archives are also presented to you through this website.




A professor since 1995, he has taught architecture, design, hypermedia and fine arts at multiple universities and schools in Fort-de-France, Damascus, Montreal and Paris. Also, under a humanitarian framework he taught in Haiti, Jordan and Turkey. He continues this free and rebellious pedagogical experience, having some of the didactic thread track of his professor Paul Virilio as a guideline.



Scientific: started in 2007 as part of a doctoral research. “Civic”: started through a blog called “Resistance(s)” that was launched in 2010, with daily articles released the first year. And subsequent publications circulated at various architectural conferences and seminars.

Scientific publications


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About everything and nothing, and much more. Travel photographs (cities, architectures, and landscapes, Street Art, exhibitions and others). Videos made from exhibitions and cities around. Library and personal collections.